Sunday morning, dozing pups

Late Sunday morning. I had the Monday mutters as soon as I let Gaby out for her oh-hell-thirty restroom jaunt, and they’ve gotten worse since. Seems that all Sunday does is remind me that Monday is just around the corner. Phooey.

It’s not all that chilly outside yet, but it still felt like an Irish oats breakfast morning. So I made enough for 5-6 servings and poured the leftovers in a loaf pan. After they cool, it’s in the fridge with them. During the week, I just have to slice off a serving, add milk etc, and heat up. Stuff gets a little mushy toward the end, but it’s still tasty.

In addition to tomato plant destruction, baking also occurred yesterday. I had, surprise, overripe bananas, but wasn’t in the mood for bread. So I found this recipe for Banana Cookies, and decided to try it. The resulting cookies are good, light, but very cake-like. And hygroscopic–they have softened noticeably since I put them in the cookie jar. If you like a very soft cookie, you may like it. Otherwise, there are recipes out there for more “cookie-like” banana cookies. Problem is, they deal with the softness by reducing the amount of banana, which only solves part of the problem.

Oh well. A little more pecking around, then I need to work. Freedom-the-program (as opposed to the concept) has come in handy as of late. The mere fact of needing to reboot the MacBook is enough to keep me from going online. Granted, I do have an iPad and another laptop, but I leave them alone BECAUSE I WOULD HAVE TO GET UP AND GO TO ANOTHER ROOM TO USE THEM. It’s that simple hit-the-icon-and-go aspect of surfing that’s so deadly, at least for me.