Busy day, which started with a flurry as I almost overslept and missed King’s vet appointment. His next to last Adequan injection–loading dose phase. After Tuesday’s shot, I just need to take him in once a month or so for maintenance injections. I think I see improvement in the way he moves, and he seems more energetic. Nothing dramatic, but his mobility wasn’t seriously compromised to start with. The goal is to maintain his freedom of movement for years to come.

Brought the reprobates home. Grocery shopped. Did laundry. Cooked up a batch of butternut squash soup for freezer meals. So much for the day.

It’s definitely autumn. Sugar maples are turning their trademark vermilion. Honey locusts are showing a scatter of bright gold amid the green. Oaks are faded. A few leaves have fallen. Halloween decorations are cropping up in neighbor yards, along with scarecrows, pumpkins, and pots of chrysanthemums. Furnace kicked on this morning.

For all that these things signal the end of summer, there’s something invigorating about them. Maybe it’s the bracing morning chill. Maybe it’s the memories of the beginning of the school year. Fresh starts. New classes and empty notebooks and the sworn promise that this time assignments wouldn’t be left until the last minute. Mulligan season. The chance to do it over.