I got nuthin’

Lacking the mental wherewithal to compose an actual post, I will have to fall back on a newly-discovered Cool Link: Atlas Obscura. I mean, who couldn’t use a “definitive guide to the world’s odd & unusual places”?

Over on the blog page, they’re counting down the 31 Days of Halloween:

On Atlas Obscura this month, every day is Halloween. Stop by the blog every day this month for true tales of the unquiet dead. Come for the severed heads, stay for the book bound in human skin. Every story is true, and each one is a real place you can visit. We dare you.

Today’s tale is The Corpse Bride of Portugal.

Two years later the heartbroken prince ascended the throne, and, in an act that may indicate just how unhinged he became as a result of her death, Pedro has Ines’ body exhumed, dressed, and placed in the queen’s throne. Allegedly, he then required all of the members of his court to address Ines as his wife, kiss her skeletal hand, and declare their allegiance to the happy couple. Unsurprisingly, the court obeyed.

Yup, it’s a love story.