However many things make a post

1) It’s the 8th of October. I still have tomatoes on the vine, ran the A/C for an hour or so as the temp outside hit 80F, and ate dinner on the deck in shirtsleeves, shorts, and flip flops. Tomorrow could be our 8th straight day of 100% sunshine, which would set a record for October.

2) Next weekend, daytime highs could be in the 40s.

3) King had his last loading dose of Adequan on Tuesday. He was fine until Wednesday evening, when he became a little listless and refused dinner. I swore that if Mr Floor-Licker ever refused food, I would bundle him straight to the doggy ER, but instead I held off and kept an eye on him. He came around a few hours later, and by the next morning was back to his old self. Adequan can cause mild GI upset. It’s also possible that King munched something outside that disagreed. I won’t discuss all the things that ran through my mind as I waited for him to return to normal. He’s an old puppy. I try not to think about it.

4) Today was a haircut day. I had tried growing it out, but once it hit chin-length it just went all blah and boring. So it’s short and shaggy again. My long hair days are no more. Hell, my medium hair days are no more.

5) The Small Assassin claimed another victim this week. A squirrel. The chipmunk, to my surprise, remains at large. I have spotted it on the front step a few times, and hope it has the good sense to stay out of the backyard. It’s a little depressing to have to dispose of the little bodies.