“Break a leg”

Over at Liz Holliday’s newsgroup at SFFNet, we were awaiting news about how Liz’s day went at the London Screenwriters Festival. I had initially wished her good luck, then wondered if I should retract that wish. After all, you never wish an actor good luck, for fear that the wish will attract unwelcome attention from theater gremlins/backstage gods/the debbil his own self/ and wind up having the opposite effect.

To my relief, Liz wound up having a good day. She also at one point fell into a conversation with an Italian screenwriter, and learned that in Italy one never wishes someone good luck. Instead, you tell them “in the mouth of the wolf.”

So I took myself over to Babelfish to get the translation. “Nella bocca del lupo.” Not sure how accurate it is, but it does roll off the tongue.

Anyone out there know Italian? I would love the proper translation.