Sunday, early evening

Yesterday, it was warm and muggy. Today, it’s cool unto cold, dammit. 60s. Breezy. Partly cloudy. Sun is setting. Tomorrow, it’s supposed to be even chillier.

It was a chore day, laundry and dealing with tomatoes and cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming. Yesterday, during my tomato blanchfest, I forgot about the ones that I had stuffed in bags and put under the kitchen sink to ripen. Well, many of them were ripe enough, so today I made marinara. Then I added chopped up meatloaf, and turned it into pseudo-Bolognese. Good over linguine.

This is usually the time when I stop and wonder what in hell happened to the weekend. But it’s a holiday, so I still have one more day. After that, no more long holiday weekends until Thanksgiving. Trying not to think about that.