This afternoon, I’ll be attending a fundraiser for my vet clinic. It’s an outdoor games/agility to-do at a local park; monies raised will go toward medical expenses for the homeless/adoptable animals the clinic treats. Gaby is one of their success stories, so she is featured on a poster. I will try to get hold of a picture if I can.

There’s something about appointments in the middle of the afternoon that, however short, make the whole day seem shorter. It will only get worse after I get home, because I will be getting another visit from the cable guy. The new HD box has already gone south–I awoke this morning to find the display fully lighted and the unit unresponsive. Called Comcast, and the phone tech couldn’t even get the box to detect a signal. So. CG will be out this afternoon. This is the second box that has gone south in 3-4 months, and the issue always crops up within the first day or two after the box is installed. Maybe it’s the power strip I have the TV and box plugged into, but I can remove that if necessary. Maybe it’s the outlet? The TV? It’s not the cable itself, b/c I still have phone/internetz.

FWIW, the particular corner of the room has been the “TV corner” for almost 25 years. Every cable box and TV and VCR has been plugged into that outlet, and no issues. Until now.