Spooky spam of the day

“Be aware, paketresa.”

At least, it was spooky until I looked up “paketresa” and found that it means “package tour” in Swedish. So the message really should be read as a cheery “Hey–lookie! Package tours!” except it’s more fun to think of it as a warning to someone named Paketresa who’s dark of hair and mysterious and never talks about their past.

Which just goes to show that if one digs too deeply on the internet, the mystery tends to go away.

Also goes to show that you shouldn’t name your child some random word you found during an online search, no matter how nicely it rolls off the tongue. Because I could see someone naming their kid “Paketresa.” Or maybe their fish.

Morning, all. Just waiting for the coffee to kick in. Then it’s off to the vet with the King guy for his shot. Then grocery shopping. Then work indoors, because it’s a cool, cloudy day and outdoors isn’t much fun.

1 thought on “Spooky spam of the day”

  1. Instead of a name, it reminded me of a foreign nickname. Like we would use “dear” or “neighbor” or “beautiful”. Of course given my reading habits, instead of the regular foreign, my mind went to alien-type foreign. And then a story started to unfold, so thanks for the dreams I’ll probably have tonight. 🙂

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