The blog is getting pounded with spam tonight. Mostly Facebook links w/ gmail accounts. Not sure if they’re quick ‘n’ dirty set-ups or hacks. Make sure your accounts are secure.

Spam quality is pathetic. My postings have “saved much time.” Key words misspelled. Where are the imaginative names, the fortunes awaiting me if I send key personal information to an email address in Serbia? Dull, dull, dull. Sherlock-shooting-the-wall dull. Try harder, you dull people!

I love Akismet. Have I mentioned that?

Not much new. Had the furnace check. Outside temp at the time? About 82 degrees. Got a bit warm inside, yes.

Watched “The Girl Who Waited.” I can’t say I enjoy an episode like that. Too emotional. Too sad. I wanted them to save Rory the Robot, too–isn’t that idiotic? And we got to see a little more of the manipulative chill behind the bow tie.

It’s a wonder that more companions don’t come to hate the Doctor.

5 thoughts on “Monday”

  1. Future Amy: ‘Cause here’s the deal: you take me too. In the TARDIS. Me too.
    Rory: But that means there’ll be two of you permanently. Forever.
    Future Amy: And that way we both get to live.
    Rory: Two Amys together. Can that work?
    The Doctor: I don’t know. It’s your marriage

  2. There were some funny bits–I remember Rory telling Amy that she always said she wished there were two of her during the holidays–but they weren’t smile moments for me. This episode touched upon what it’s like to have to make Doctor-type decisions, as well as the fact that the Doctor doesn’t look before he leaps, and drags his companions along for the plummet. Over on the Livejournal Dr Who list, some commenters took exception to Rory’s blaming the Doctor, and felt that Rory was ducking responsibility and trying to pass the decision off. But who would be prepared to make that type of decision, that life and death call, other than the Doctor? I think they were being too hard on Rory.

    And once again, Matt Smith excels at showing the old being wrapped in the young man’s skin. I had read that he lost the role of Dr Watson in the Moffat “Sherlock” because he came across as too wacky/flighty, and I do think that Martin Freeman is superlative in the part. But Smith is a good actor.

  3. I really need to check out that Sherlock show…you’re the third person in two days to mention it to me. Looks like they have the first season on Netflix, so I’m golden.

    As for Doctor Who, it definitely is bothering me as an episode. Despite the funny bits. For all the emotion that was displayed, I wasn’t feeling it myself. Except at the very end when Amy says “Where is she?” Those three words packed more punch than the entire episode. And I really didn’t have a problem with the actor’s performances, so I don’t know why I didn’t connect.

    This episode did paint the Doctor in a more sinister light — with the Rory decision, but also with the “I don’t travel that way” declaration. I’ll be interested to see if these actions were designed just to reveal another facet of the Doctor’s personality or if he is doing it deliberately — distancing himself from the companions in preparation for his death. I suppose we’ll see.

  4. Of the three Moffat Sherlock episodes, the middle one is the weakest. The third is my favorite. They’re going to have to work to beat that one. I am very much looking forward to the next set of episodes. Early 2012, last I read.

    I know the Doctor’s death is one of those fixed points in Time, but I wonder if he ever considered taking Rory and Amy back in time and killing them? Of course, this assumes that River is the one who kills him, and given that most everyone assumes that to be the case…I can’t help but think the Who team are going to pull a fast one.

  5. I ain’t assumin’ nuthin.

    I was thinking that after the last episode, that if the Doctor didn’t have strong evidence that they were going to be family that he probably would have dropped those two as companions by now with all the accusations and such against him. Kinda a downer to someone who’s trying to do a happy-go-lucky traveling thing.

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