3 thoughts on “::marking the day on the calendar::”

  1. My furnace is staying OFF. The windows are OPEN. I am relishing the cooler weather by bundling up in sweats and making peppermint tea and blueberry oatmeal and sweet potato soup and pumpkin bread. All those wonderful homey, cool-weather type goods. I woke up today covered in 5 purring cats and wasn’t sweating. YAY autumn!

  2. I leave the windows open at night, and I do sleep like a rock…when I’m not being rousted out of bed by pups who have to go outside. But I’m not quite ready for the cool, even though I did put out the autumn wreaths today. Folks are already putting out scarecrows and pumpkins, and the stores are all have mums. The grocery store floral section was even featuring reindeer and moose figures. Not overtly Christmas, but just a hint of what’s to come.

  3. That’s one benefit of having the pups outside…don’t have to get up early, let them out, let them in, go back to bed. Now I only have to wake up when my cat Bugs decides he wants to be petted and sticks a paw in my eye…a new trick BTW.

    I thought about picking up a small pie pumpkin this week at the farmer’s market so I could have made-in-the-pumpkin vegetable stew this week…but I’m just not *quite* ready to go that far, I guess.

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