Gaby Smith, CGC

That’s “Canine Good Citizen,” y’all.

Busy afternoon at the fundraiser. Gaby being Gaby, she sniffed everything, marked a lot of new territory, and oh so wanted to get to know the mallards in the pond.

But there was agility course equipment set up for dogs to try, and a CGC test area. Gaby refused the chutes and the up/down ramp, but to my surprise, she passed the CGC test with flying colors. I just need to mail in a copy of the results and an $8 check for the fancy certificate, which I will do.

There were raffle prizes as well. Gaby won a shampoo sample and a fancy new collar w/ leash in shades of lt blue, lt green, and brown. The color scheme goes really well with her coloring, but I thought the collar might be too big–size Large (16-25 inches). But I measured Gaby’s neck and darned if it isn’t 17 inches. So she now has a pretty new outfit.

Speaking of outfits, Gaby did not win any prizes in the parade. All the winning pups wore costumes; the winning pup in Gaby’s size class wore a Bears uniform.

It rained or misted almost the whole time, which was too bad. I learned the hard way that my rain shirt is water-resistant, not waterproof. And of course, I forgot the camera. Productive, fun time anyway.