Three-day weekend! The night is lovely so far, but storms possible tomorrow. I’ll worry about them tomorrow.

Spent the past hour making hotel reservations online and setting up awards accounts. And watching the new Dr Who. I had heard the episode was, well, hectic, and it is. No spoilers, but I will say that a great deal about the early life of a certain individual is left out and I hope the gap is filled in over the course of this half-season. Because otherwise things are just a bit too flip.

And the sudden change in attitude? Didn’t buy it, sorry. Too great a magnitude too quickly. I can hear my editor going “Ummmmm….”

I had three appointments tomorrow and canceled them all. I needed the time more. There will be grocery shopping and tomato blanching and cookie baking and writing. And SFWA voting. As soon as I get my hands on the ballot. Which I assume is awaiting me in my PO Box.