Cool morning

Mid-50s outside. I left the windows open overnight, and my room was 58°F when I awoke this morning. No wonder I slept like a rock.

Hypothermia does that.

It’s only supposed to hit the mid-60s today, the coolest Labor Day in 7-8 years. Heard geese honking overhead as I made coffee. Not sure how the tomatoes are going to take it. IIRC, it took a dip into the 40s to trigger the late blight that wiped out my plants two years ago, and 50s ain’t 40s.

Dug the light sweatpants out of the armoire. I could just close the windows, but the breeze is coming out of the north and it is so revitalizing. Gonna make cookies–oatmeal/raisin/pecan, with chocolate chips for good measure–then that will do it for chores. Then gonna write because I have to, dammit.