Exciting day on the road. I saw two near-miss accidents–a near-collision during an attempted lane change and an intersection near-mishap (I’m driving east and turning left–you’re driving west and going straight. Let’s race). Saw a trooper escorting a man from his car to the back of the cruiser as the man talked on his phone–I’m guessing that was a fun call to make–and another trooper make a U-turn and stop a truck going in the opposite direction. Not sure if the trooper saw something or if a spotter radioed ahead.

Then I had to pull over to let another trooper, lights flashing, zip by.

I stuck to the speed limit.

3 thoughts on “*beepbeep*”

  1. I got to go through my first-ever sobriety checkpoint last Saturday. Coming home about 1am after playing Scattergories with all my adult female relatives. Drinking diet Dr. Pepper and eating pizza, chips, and chocolate. Party animal = me

    Of course they let me through. Probably out of pity.

  2. I have never been through a checkpoint. I don’t know how common they are around here–I’ve never heard any of my friends mention them.

    I think I’d be fine with the pity if I had to go through one of them. Really.

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