Almost Friday

A strange week at the day job, holiday-shortened and broken up by a two-day brainstorming session. Feels like Wednesday, but it’s already the weekend. Not that I’m complaining, but sometimes the days seem to go by a little too quickly.

I was happy** to learn that Peter Murphy will be playing in Chicago in November. I haven’t seen him since my visit to Seattle in ’02, and I really would like to see him perform songs from Ninth, which is a dandy album. So. Making a note of the date. Something to look forward to.

King goes to the vet for his six-month check-up on Saturday. Hoping that his Lyme is still under control, and that his inevitable aging continues to proceed slowly and without incident. Any good thoughts appreciated. Not that I expect anything bad, but then things almost always happen when you least expect them.

Tomatoes continue to ripen, even as the weather cools. The bats aren’t as active at night. Hoping for a warm spell, just so they hang around a little while longer. I’ll miss the little flitters.

**Happy, yes. Fan girl squee, and a little writer contentment. Depeche Mode’s songs are Lucien’s, and Peter Murphy’s are John Shroud’s. Jani’s soundtrack is more song-specific, but there’s a healthy wodge of Shirley Manson in there.