You say “tomato”…

…I say “Frankenfruit.”

You thought I was kidding?

These are Aunt Ginny’s Purples, an heirloom variety. I cut the greenies by accident when I was trying to cut down the pink, brainlike one–it weighed 2 pounds, as much as the other two together. It’s a Siamese tomato–I found two stems, and there may be another buried in their somewhere. I cut into it this evening, and cut up a portion in a salad. Mild, sweet flavor. Okay, but I prefer Black Crim or Cherokee Purple.

The greenies are in a paper bag in the linen closet. The 4 bags of greenies under the kitchen sink are ripening, and a whole mess of Siberians are just about ready to pick, as well as several Mountain Fresh. I see a batch of marinara in my future.