Monday, Monday

With some carryover from Sunday Sunday and Saturday Saturday.

Saturday evening, I was sitting outside enjoying my little corner of the universe when I spotted King sniffing around the deck pot cherry tomato. I told him to get away, but before he did he grabbed one of the ripe fruits and ran off with it. He ate it before I could get it away from him, and that meant a web search on dogs and tomatoes. Turns out that while the leaves and stems are bad (GI upset for dogs, worse for cows and other herbivores due to likely amounts eaten) and greenies not as bad but not good, ripe tomatoes are okay. Still, King is perpetually hungry and a grass muncher–would he decide one day to try leaves and stems? And Gaby is a copycat when it comes to her big brother. Would she decide that anything he ate was good enough for her, and torque her tender tum? These and other questions ran through my head as I evaluated the three deck pots. The cherry had only a couple of viable fruits left. The Aunt Ginny had 2 or 3, and the Mountain Fresh had 6 or 7 at various stages of ripening. All the plants had blossoms, but how much could a teeny tomato develop at this time of the year?

So, I made a command decision. Cut off the big tomatoes, then dragged the pots outside the gate where Himself and Miz Gaby couldn’t reach them. Then I stashed the tomatoes in brown paper lunch sacks and stored them under the kitchen sink. I checked them today, and most of them have continued to ripen. Some may even be ready for the Labor Day weekend.

The last week or so, I’ve seen V-formations of geese fly overhead in the evening, heading toward the lake. I don’t know if they’re readying to migrate or not–some geese winter over because of the food supply. But I haven’t seen them fly over until recently. Can’t help but think it’s another sign of fall.