How could I forget!?!

Gaby almost got skunked last night.

Actually, she did get skunked, but it was a minor skunking. I let her out at oh-hell-thirty, then went back to bed because I was too tired to stand. Heard a single woof a few minutes later, which was my command to open the door. I noticed a bit of an odor as Gaby walked in, but it was more a burnt/overcooked coffee odor then nose-numbing skunk. Then I saw her rub her nose on all the rugs as she trotted from the living room to the kitchen/dining room and back again. She kept that up for a minute or so, then returned to my room to settle into her bed. The smell grew a little stronger in the confines of the smaller space, but I had the windows open and it dissipated quickly. This was definitely either a distance shot or a near miss.

I’m glad we avoided something worse. That just would have been the frosting on the cake of the day.