Chipmunk Sunday

Up until all hours, which meant that I awoke later than I usually like. Rushed out for a quick grocery/hardware store run, and returned to find Gaby chasing something along the west side of the garage. Whatever it was scooted under the fence and up the gutter spout, the clatters echoing up the pipe as it tried to gain traction.

I figured a mouse or a chipmunk–removed the lower piece of gutter, and sure enough a chipmunk fell out. It then made the mistake of scooting back under the fence and into dogland just as King rounded the corner of the garage–King gave chase, but he’s clumsy and lacks Gaby’s cornering abilities so Chip was able to make its escape up the crabapple tree. I wished the beastie my best–given the presence of the Gabster, the balance of its life may prove short and full of incident–and dragged my purchases into the house. Went back outside to check the progress of the tomatoes and such, and found that something had dug under the raised bed and popped up the middle of the mesclun. Not sure if it ate anything, but it did wipe out some of the plants and scattered dirt around. I played it safe and harvested as much mesclun as I could, then washed it and bagged it, wondering as I worked whether the chipmunk could have been responsible. In three years, this is the first time that something has invaded the raised beds. If it was the chipmunk, well, I take back my best. Stay out of my garden, you little bastard. Go Gaby go.

I’m outside now, taking advantage of the day. 70s, sunny but with some puffy cloud. A bit breezy. I could use about a month of this, sans chipmunks.