I opened the garage this morning to find a tiny bird, a sparrow or a wren, beating itself against the back window trying to get out. I must have trapped it when I locked up last night, though I didn’t hear or see anything that made me think hey, there’s a bird in here.  It didn’t make a move to fly through the wide open door when I entered, but kept bashing against the glass, its little beak gaping.

I opened the window, and it flew out. I hope it it didn’t hurt itself while it was trapped. It must have rested at some point during the night, because I don’t think it could have survived if it spent the entire time trying to escape.

A bit of sadness on the way home from work. I came upon a traffic jam, and saw a couple of cars blocking one lane, the drivers standing nearby. As I drew close, I spotted something in the road, covered with a blanket. It turned out to be a large dog, a mastiff or an AmStaff. I am guessing it ran into traffic, and cars collided as they tried to avoid it. I don’t think it made it, poor thing.

When I got home, I did what most anyone would have done and hugged my two incorrigibles. King thanked me by stealing a piece of mail and dashing around the yard; I had to spritz him with the hose to get him to drop it. He’s sound asleep now. My naughty puppy, safe and sound. I wish all pups could be safe and sound.