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Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix

Found this on Tumblr. Bought the song and sub’ed to Pentatonix’ You Tube feed (I had already sub’d to Stirling’s).

I first heard this song on AMC, IIRC during ads for “Defiance”. Maybe it was “Falling Skies.”

Once again, in lieu of actual content…

…bouncing otters!

You’re welcome.

(h/t to Diane Duane on Tumblr)

Space Oddity

…performed by Cmdr Chris Hadfield.

It’s marvelous.

Dogs Teaching Chemistry!

(h/t to A Blog Around the Clock)

Saturday morning, with poetry

No need to thank me.

Dance, little sister

It’s the little legs that make me go awwwwwwwwww

Sunday afternoon, writing

It goes like this:

Ok, so I’m not actually writing at the present time. But I am thinking about sentences, and what plot point goes where next, and whether I will fall off the back of the treadmill before I reach the end.


Going back to it right now.


::slinks off, pursued by a bear::

The Art of Swaddling Slippery Sloths

An interview with Alan Rickman

25 minutes long. Worth your time. His takes on risk-taking, editing, the written word, all interesting and pertinent.

Thanks to Liz Williams over on Facebook for the link.

Dolphin stampede

This would be such a cool thing to see in person.

I used to see dolphins when I lived in Florida, but only one or two at a time. Nothing like this.