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Unfortunate spam juxtaposition

Two spam subject lines, located one after the other in my Junk folder:

6. Your permanent solution to that nagging Herpes problem

7. You might be married but you can still have a little fun can’t you?

That’s all I got. It snowed overnight, AGAIN. Still awaiting any signs that Spring will not be very cold and buried in frozen white.

Drive-by post, with metal chicken.

Okay. First there was this, over on Tumblr.

Which led me to this.


Real life PIXAR Lamp just wants to be your friend

Though I think I’d get even less work done than I do already if my office furniture started messing with me.

Spam of the day

“That’s excellent, I never considered Nostradamus from the OR”

That’s funny–neither did I.

“Being a content creator is a wonderful job.”

Blogging. Writing, fiction or non-fiction. Novels. Shorts. Flash.

Spot-on, this. Especially about reading critiques and comments.

Spam post of the day

“A new copier lets you be fruitful and multiply.”

Well, maybe in some future post-human office supply store.


Getting pounded with spam the last few days.

Must be the heat.

“Make good art.”

This has been all over the place and you’ve probably already seen it so you don’t need to see it again but I’m posting it anyway. Because enough folks thought it worth listening to. And it is.

In the meantime, I shall shop for groceries and put gas in the car, visit the hardware store and check the mail. Art may be committed later in the day, but to be honest I am still calling it craft at this point.

A post from a sentimental alternative other

Alien spam of the day, a variation on a theme from a few days ago:

Lofty bye, sentimental alternative other

Hence, the title.

The last two days have been gorgeous. Sunny. 70s. Still haven’t put the tomato and basil plants in the ground, though. Waiting for 1) a stretch of 70-degree days with no nighttime dips into the 40s, and 2) the special red plastic mulch I ordered that is supposed to be so good for tomato plants. I need to use some kind of mulch anyway in order to keep any blight spores that happen to be in the ground from splashing up onto the plants. It will be interesting to see whether this stuff works as advertised. In the meantime, I’ve moved the best of the sprouts to large plastic cups. The St Pierre tomato “seedlings” are damn near 10 inches tall and close to outgrowing the cups, so I hope that mulch arrives soon.

In preparation for planting, I emptied two years’ worth of stuff from the compost bin and spread it around the raised bed. My gosh, what lovely compost. Rich, earthy scent. Hard to believe that it used to be vegetable peels and coffee grounds. Maybe I’m easily impressed, but it is a pretty neat process.

Treated myself to a Peet’s Mothers Day Box again this year–Major Dickason’s Blend coffee plus Recchiuti fudge brownies. I figure being a dogmom counts. Best brownies I have ever had.

Happy Mothers Day to all Moms out there. I hope you get coffee and brownies. Or flowers and candy. Or love and thanks and something to make you sniffle.

Spam of the day

Spam adage of the day:

“We rarely think people have good sense unless they agree with us.”

Spam name of the day:

“Andromache McGuire”

It has a ring to it.