Turkey Day prep

Stuffing made. Put it in roast pan, then buried the turkey breast within. Popped it all in the fridge to marinate until tomorrow afternoon. It’s a savory bread pudding, heavy on the sage and onion. Also, celery. A handful of chopped parsley. Bay leaves. Herbes de Provence. One loaf of dense white bread and a Read More …


May it bring good health, wealth in all its divers forms, friends, and those members of your family you actually like. Happy New Year, folks!

Early Christmas Wishes

An oatmeal morning, grey and chilly. Light snow possible later, but we’ll see. I’m guessing some folks will be going offline soon–I know I certainly should–so let me wish all who celebrate a Merry Christmas. May you rediscover reasons why you love your loved ones–those are the best gifts.