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JERICHO Lending Library

As you can see from the stack below, I have a limited number of copies of JERICHO. But I wanted to try something with one of them:

  1. Email me at alex @ alexgordon dot net
  2. 1st 10 people go on a list
  3. I mail a copy to the 1st person, who will read it and then mail it to the second person

In return, I ask that you please consider leaving an honest review on either Amazon or Goodreads. It’s not a requirement, but I sure would appreciate it.

I stole this idea from Bryon Quertermous and Rob W. Hart, but iirc I did this ages ago with a Jani Kilian book, and it worked fairly well.

Anyway, here goes….


Checking in…

I’m in the midst of a slam dance here. Articles and an interview due over on the Alex Gordon side of the street. Reformatting Contact Imminent in preparation for ebook conversion and proofreading.

Adjusting to the fact that 2016 is almost 1/6 over.

NE Illinois will get a taste of Spring this weekend. Sunny. Highs in the 50s. Then Winter returns because this is the Midwest in March that we’re talking about.

Just finished breakfast. Time to take Gaby to puppy playcare, then settle in and get some work done.



Not much going on in Kristine Smith land. I did post over at the BookView Café blog about the doggy DNA testing I had performed in order to find out Gaby’s mix. Suffice to say, I was surprised at the results.

It’s Alex Gordon work for the next week as I deal with JERICHO copyedits. Holiday prep will take place as well. So far, the weather has made it feel most unChristmassy. It’s around 30F now and blustery, but it’s possible that it may warm to the 50s and maybe even the 60s next week. No white Christmas.

I took a break from copyedits to bake cookies yesterday. Ina Garten’s Oatmeal-Raisin-Pecan, with added chai spice and toasted coconut. Whole wheat flour and wheat germ instead of white all-purpose. Have one–they’re great with coffee or tea.

Oatmeal raisin pecan toasted coconut whole wheat chai. Good cookies.
Oatmeal raisin pecan toasted coconut whole wheat chai. Good cookies.


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