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Unfortunate spam juxtaposition

Two spam subject lines, located one after the other in my Junk folder:

6. Your permanent solution to that nagging Herpes problem

7. You might be married but you can still have a little fun can’t you?

That’s all I got. It snowed overnight, AGAIN. Still awaiting any signs that Spring will not be very cold and buried in frozen white.

Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix

Found this on Tumblr. Bought the song and sub’ed to Pentatonix’ You Tube feed (I had already sub’d to Stirling’s).

I first heard this song on AMC, IIRC during ads for “Defiance”. Maybe it was “Falling Skies.”

Once again, in lieu of actual content…

…bouncing otters!

You’re welcome.

(h/t to Diane Duane on Tumblr)

Space Oddity

…performed by Cmdr Chris Hadfield.

It’s marvelous.

Drive-by post, with metal chicken.

Okay. First there was this, over on Tumblr.

Which led me to this.


Real life PIXAR Lamp just wants to be your friend

Though I think I’d get even less work done than I do already if my office furniture started messing with me.

Spam of the day

“That’s excellent, I never considered Nostradamus from the OR”

That’s funny–neither did I.

Dogs Teaching Chemistry!

(h/t to A Blog Around the Clock)

“Being a content creator is a wonderful job.”

Blogging. Writing, fiction or non-fiction. Novels. Shorts. Flash.

Spot-on, this. Especially about reading critiques and comments.

Spam post of the day

“A new copier lets you be fruitful and multiply.”

Well, maybe in some future post-human office supply store.