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A handful of things, and here’s your post

No spam in the bucket ever since I changed settings so one needs to register in order to post. I don’t know if that makes posting impossible or not–if it does, email me. I’m pretty sure I am registered to post on other blogs because either my photo or the same WP pattern thingie pops up as my avatar. It’s not bad, and your info is good over multiple blogs.

The storm on Thursday turned out a fizzle here in far NE Illinois, but one is expected on Tuesday that is supposed to have more oomph. I’ve had it. I want Spring. Warmth, bees, flowers, greenery.

I am officially addicted to HGTV and This Old House. Garnering ideas for use in sprucing up the kitchen and bathroom over the next year or so. I’ll do as much as I can myself, and hire expert help when needed. I’ve only been staring at the same green (!) cupboards and yellow one-piece flooring (bath) for 25.5 years now. That’s a quarter-century. Think about it.

Time to get a move on.

Pups are fine. King has his monthly check-up next week. Fingers crossed that all continues well.

Fighting the spam fight

Even though I have an Akismet plug-in installed, I wanted to see if I could whittle down the amount of spam the site’s been getting. I changed the comment setting so that users need to register and be signed in before they can comment. However, I don’t know if that inhibits non-spam folk from commenting or not–I’m used to signing in on other sites, but I know it can be a pain. I don’t get many comments, so I’m not sure how much of a barrier it is. I do know that for the first time since I don’t know when, I have had no spam for two days running. It’s kinda nice. Let’s see if it lasts.

If it’s impossible to comment here, you can let me know over on my LJ, which is where I funnel these posts.

Drive-by post is still a post

Kuro is home from the garage. The Dodge Dart loaner was actually a nice little car, but it’s good to have my boy back again. I just asked him to please please please not get sick anymore this year.

There’s snow on the ground. Fancy that.

Pondering a smartphone. Android vs iPhone. Contract vs no contract. If a contract, which provider?

That teaser for ORPHAN BLACK on BBC-America looks interesting.

Drive-by post, with metal chicken.

Okay. First there was this, over on Tumblr.

Which led me to this.


Spam of the day

An absolute cousin sure isn’t a friend, yet unfortunately a friend are forever an actual cousin.

I swear this stuff is written by aliens.

“Being a content creator is a wonderful job.”

Blogging. Writing, fiction or non-fiction. Novels. Shorts. Flash.

Spot-on, this. Especially about reading critiques and comments.


Getting pounded with spam these last few days. We’re talking hundreds a day, with dozens of new variations turning up in the Akismet net to be added to the filter. Thank ghod for Akismet. I think that without it, I would have had to shut down the blog months ago.

Well over an inch of rain has fallen since Sunday. It has finally stopped for a while. Sun peeked out for a few minutes, which was cause for much rejoicing. Temps will bump up close to 70 or higher the next few days, but of course they will plummet on Friday because I am taking the day off–it’s King’s first doctor visit since starting chemo. If all goes well, errands will follow. The excitement never stops.

Trying to not feel too bummed about missing WFC. Folks are starting to talk about their schedules and such, and that always makes me feel a little down. I did do a decent amount of traveling this year, at least for me. But I would have enjoyed the drive to Toronto, and seeing Julie Czerneda, Michelle Sagara West, and other folks. Oh well. There’s always next year.

The pups just finished their after-dinner shenanigans. I don’t know why, but that’s their chosen time to run around, wrestle, and create mayhem. They’re both petered out now, stretched out on the floor around my chair. I’ll straighten out the living room rugs later.

The writing process

An oldie but a goodie from science writer Ed Yong:

The writing process.

Mind Meld

Not the Vulcan kind. The SFSignal kind.

I’ve an entry in this week’s Meld. Check it out.

Spam comment of the month

“Ever thought about writing a book someday?”

Hmmmm…maybe someday….